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Laser hair removal

We adjust technology to the needs of your hair and skin

Technology is the key to success in laser hair removal therapy. In DepiLab we adjust technology to the needs of your skin and the color of your hair.

We work with 3 lasers to make the therapy as precise and effective as possible.

Motus AX

alexandrite laser

Motus laser emits alexandrite light of 755 nm. It has been created to allow effective laser hair removal of light and thin hair, which is scarce of melalin. No other laser is able to do that. Motus has achieved the impossible.

Motus AY

alexandrite-YAG laser

The tip of Motus laser is made of sapphire. It cools down to 15 ℃ during treatment which makes the procedure painless. It is a true revolution.

Soprano Ice Platinum

alexandrite-diode-YAG laser

Soprano Ice Platinum emits three lenghts of laser light simultaneously: diode, alexandrite, Nd-YAG. The triple power reaches hair located on various depths making the treatment exceptionally effective.

What makes us special?

Effective on all hair types and all skin colors

You do not have to worry that your hair is too light or too thin for laser hair removal.


Our therapies are not only effective, but also painless, even in most sensitive areas such as bikini.

WOW effect

You wil be surprised how quickly your hair disappears.


Your safety is our priority. We work only with medical, internationally certified equipment.

Laser hair removal will change your every day life. Enjoy your perfectly smooth skin. Forget about shaving.


Recommendations before the laser hair removal treatment

On the day of the treatment:

  • wash your skin and shave hair, leaving small unshaven area (approx. 1cm x 1cm);
  • don't apply any cosmetics or perfumes on skin (concerns body area subject to hair removal);

3 days before:

  • don't use painkillers containing ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen;
  • wait after applying dental anaesthesia;

1 week before:

  • don't take blood-thinning drugs (Acard, Aspirin, anticoagulants);
  • don't take vitamin C in large doses, e.g. 1000mg;
  • don't use sweat blockers

2 weeks before:

  • don't take photosensitising herbs (calendula stinging nettle, horsetail, St John's wort);
  • don't use self-tanners and balsams with glitter particles;
  • don't perform peeling;
  • wait after finishing a 3-day antibiotic therapy;
  • don't remove hair with depilatory cream;
  • if you take medication regularly, make sure it doesn't contain photosensitising ingredients.

3 weeks before:

  • don't sunbathe or tan in a solarium;

4 weeks before:

  • don't use exfoliating acids (concerns body area subject to hair removal;
  • wait after finishing an antibiotic therapy lasting longer than 3 days;
  • wait after performing other laser treatments (concerns body area subject to hair removal);

6 weeks before:

  • don't remove hair with epilator, tweezers, wax or sugar wax;

3 months before:

  • wait after finishing therapy with retinoid ointments (concerns body area subject to hair removal);

6 months before:

  • wait after finishing therapy with oral retinoids.

Recommendations after the treatment

  • directly after the treatment, as well as during the whole laser hair removal therapy, take care of your skin by using appropriate soothing and moisturising products;
  • for 3 days avoid activities that rise body temperature, e.g. physical exercise, sauna, hot baths, jacuzzi;
  • for 2 weeks don't use exfoliating medication or cosmetics;
  • for 4 weeks avoid direct exposure to sunlight, don't tan in a solarium and don't use selftanners. Protect your skin with SPF50 sunscreen;
  • during the whole therapy don't use creams with vitamin A and C, fruit acids or retinol (concerns body area subject to hair removal);
  • between the treatments don't remove hair with tweezers, epilator, sugar wax and depilatory cream; only shaving is recommended;
  • schedule another treatment in time recommended by a cosmetologist;
  • remember that in order to achieve a permanent hair removal effect, a series of about 6-8 treatments is needed to be performed.


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off on sets of multiple body parts


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* does not apply to sets of multiple body parts

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